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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hornbill 78:365

Hornbill 78:365
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Tried to visit the Umgeni River Bird park on my trip home, but it was closed to the public. It was laways a place worth a visit, but they decided to close it last year. Thankfully someone bought it to reopen, but I think they have to restock - they sold the birds initially.

Anyway, I was told that a new one had opened further inland. Went for a drive and found it. Not on the same scale. They have some really cute parrots, including one called Snowy who says hello a lot and dances for you.

There was not a lot of photo ops. I did manage to get a few of a Knysna Lourie in flight, but it was on a background of wire, so did not bother posting them.

See my alternative for today to see a Lourie standing still.

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