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Monday, 1 June 2009

THe 2x sigma apo converter can give good results

A long time since my last post, but again life takes over from my hobby. Not even posting on Flikr at the minute.

Anyway, a half moon made me pull the camera out and take a few shots.

This one was taken straight on my 120-400mm sigma:

Moon June 1st 2009

Managed to get quite a few with the converter, but my macbook seems to be playing up a bit and iphoto has corrupted a load of my shots, of course just the ones taken with the converter. Serves me right for erasing before I have backed up the shots.

Always remember to make sure that you have two copies of the shot in separate locations before you delete the originals.

Anyway, here is the photo that survived - not the best one I took I must say...;-(

Moon 1st June 2009 Click on the picture to view the whole shot on flickr