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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Shooting Fireworks

Being Guy Fawkes weekend, I had the opportunity to go out and try some firework photography. I read a tut on Digital Photography school, pack my bag and went off to Victoria Park, hackney, to give it a go. I am not too happy with the results, but they are not too bad for a first attempt.

I did make the mistake of arriving late, so did not find a good view point and did not have the tripod set up for the start of the show. Not a good start. I think if I had been a bit better prepared, I would have at least been able to frame the shots better.

So a couple of things you need to do when photographing fireworks:

1. Use a tripod and frame your shot.
2. Keep the camera in manual. This will mean the camera takes the shot as soon as you release the shutter.
3. Use a remote shutter release.
4. Keep the iso low - 100 or 200
5. Probably the most important thing is to work out the right shutter speed. I don't think I got it quite right. I took most of my shots on 4 seconds, but even went as short as 1 1/2 secs.

Getting the exposure right is tricky, so more practice is going to be needed. I also need to work out the ideal white balance.

Next weekend is the Lord Mayor's show, so more fireworks on the Southbank. Will give it a go then.