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Friday, 9 April 2010

Dragon fly 76:365

Dragon fly 76:365
Originally uploaded by gregcsmith
Wrote a whole long description about this picture using iphoto. Then did some editing in CS4 so lost the info, but luckily save it onto a word doc. When I uploaded it, I cut and pasted it into this space and saved. However, when I opened the pic it was gone.

Can't be bothered to rewrite it, but needless to say this shot's focus is not quite right because I was interrupted by some strange woman who decided to come over and talk to me while I was trying to take the picture. Not wanting to appear ruse I stopped what I was doing to listen to her and when I went back to the shot the dragon fly was gone. So no sharp focus on the eye.

This was taken handheld with mt 120-400mm sigma at 400mm.

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