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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I'm Back with my Nikon D90

Yes, back from a 12 month absence and have a lovely new toy in my had. The Nikon D90.

I have had it for 2 weeks now and am very happy with my new purchase. I got the lens package with a 18-105mm vr lens. I also went and splashed out on a Sigma 120-400mm os lens. I added two Hoya pro uv filters to the lenses and have 2 8gb class 6 sd cards. They all fit in snugly to a Lowepro 100w bag. I have also added a nikon sb600 flashgun, and a car window tripod and a new - budget - tripod.

So first impressions are very good. The Camera has a great weight to it and feels good. The lcd screen is excellent, the colours are vivid and is very clear. Controls are all easy to get to. The shutter has a nice feel and sound to it. On a side note got to use a Canon 40D on the weekend and it is no match to the D90. It feels less solid, has a more plastic feel and I just hated the sound of the shutter.

The in camera editing is handy and can save a few shots on the spot. The battery life is great. I bought a spare battery thinking the VR would drain the battery quickly, but my battery has preformed well.

I am really impressed with the optical stabilisation on the Sigma lens. It really does a great job. I haven't really noticed it kicking in on the nikon lens, but I am sure it will at some point.

Anyway, I have take some shot, not the greatest, but I am a bit rusty. I will be posting a few of them in a short while. Iphoto is just doing a flickr upgrade, so will chose a few and post them tomorrow.

So I will be posting some of my favorite shots on here and let you all know how I am getting on with the D90. Maybe even post some of the lessons I learned to take those shots. My camera is staying of auto and we are going to focus on using Aperture Priority mode.

If you want to see all my shots they will be on my flickr page here

See you tomorrow and your comments will be greatly appreciated

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